Ugh. Okay, today I did something terrible. I know I shouldn’t have done it but I did. I weighed myself. I don’t usually do it because for some stupid, insane reason my weight always somehow ties in to my self worth and I just get depressed or super excited depending on the results.

Well I knew I wasn’t going to like the results. Since I have been in my little cuddly, cozy, happy relationship with Gloria I have put on about 15 pounds. That’s over two years. But still, not the direction I want to go.

I lost 35 pounds 2 years ago and now I’m on the way back up to regaining that weight and it ends today. If I have to fast or fad diet to get started again I will. My problem is that I don’t cook. We eat at restaurants all of the time. Granted, I order salads all of the time lately, I’m still unsure what my calorie intake is and I used to track that shit and was aware of it.

It’s so hard to start losing weight again. I think it’s back to calorie counting. Anyways, you will not see a dessert in this gal’s mouth at ALL in the coming weeks and months. I will get back in to the swing of things, mark my words.

In addition I have been extremely sedentary with work because I am editing from home, this enormous project and I’m not sleeping properly and I’m constantly sitting and doing this shit. Luckily I’ll be done with the project by the weekend and then I will get more active.

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Scavenger hunt leading to you, (obviously with a bow wrapped around you)

I am liking these bows and scavenger hunts!

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Oooh birthday ideas!! How about a scavenger hunt? I would totally love that!!

THIS IS BRILLIANT too!!! I totally have the things for that! YAY!

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badassbettyrizzo said: Obviously you should just put a bow around yourself and be like “so, wanna unwrap your gift” BIRTHDAY SEX FTW

There is DEFINITELY that.

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Status Update: No pants editing is faster.

6 videos left!

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

One of my favorite OTPs of all time even though their relationship is completely platonic. They are just the cutest ever.

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Okay I need your help!

Please put in my ASK what you would want me to do for you for your birthday were you my wife?

Her birthday is Saturday. We did Cher/Cyndi Lauper in Santa Monica weeks ago and she got another of her presents early. Besides dinner with friends Saturday night, what do you think she wants?

What would you want?

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What I like to do at 10pm on Thursday night? Listen to my Cher Pandora station while I make my assemblies in Premiere.

7 more fucking videos to go.

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Seriously though, you so have to make that wedding vid available on mobile(from YouTube) so I can force Lauren to watch it! Lol

Lol you nut! Let me see what I can do with that

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This is my tribute to Dorothy from Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. I love her character. She is one of my top favorites of all time female characters.

For aggiephile so she can see more Dorothy and get hooked like me!

PS The song is so accurate for her character. It’s almost like they wrote it for her.

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Okay okay… for badassbettyrizzo because she is RELENTLESS.

Just kidding doll! You’re likely the only one that’s going to watch this, and this isn’t even completed color corrected version including that it has the wrong DATE on it, but it’s mostly here.

So here’s our wedding… if you have 20-fucking-minutes to spare!

Chrystal and Crystal and Gloria. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY TEARS.

Holy shit. This is so beautiful.

I’m reblogging this now because of florencefallon ‘s gif
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Barbara Babcock - the loveliest and most delicate woman in the world.

Barbara Babcock - the loveliest and most delicate woman in the world.

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Going to bed… Only 9 more videos to go.

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What if I liveblog while watching Crystal and Gloria’s wedding video????

Okay Chrystal is a nut, but a hilarious one and this was sooo sweet. It means a lot to us!!!

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Oh my god you are adorable. LOL.

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